Survey Sunday

#SurveySunday - Not quite too much info.

It's fun to share a few random things with y'all... Here are some things about me you may or may not care about learning.

• Favorite smell(s) - Evergreens, that loamy smell after the rain in a forest

• Last cry - I am not ashamed to cry, but it's actually been a while

• Favorite Pizza- Pepperoni and jalapeño

• Favorite Flower- Lilac or Tulips

• Favorite dog - Mutts

• Favorite foot attire- I’d rather be barefoot, but I really like my Chacos or Flip Flops

• Roller coaster - I used to, haven't been on one in a decade

• Hair color - Mine is a dirty blonde

• Favorite ice cream - chocolate alone or + anything (nuts, mint, caramel, etc)

• Pet Peeve - people who don't pick up after their dogs in highly trafficked areas

• Shorts or jeans - shorts...jeans are the WORST feeling clothing ever

• What are you listening to right now - people talking

• Color of your vehicle - black

• Color of eyes - blue

• Favorite holiday - Christmas (but just the commercial version, I'm not really a religious maybe more just Yuletide?)

• Night owl or day person - morning 21 year old self wouldn't even believe it

• Favorite day of the week - Saturday because it's usually hike day

• Tattoos- Maybe someday, but none yet... haven't found the right design for eternity

• Do you like to cook - I really do

• Beer or wine? Both, but please be dark &/or red

• Can you drive a manual shift - yes and I feel everyone should learn even though it's a dying thing

• Favorite color - Green in various shades

• Do you like vegetables- VEGETABLES ARE LIFE (I could almost be a vegetarian, almost)

• Do you work out - I mean, not really, no...but I should be

• Do you wear glasses - Yuppers, just got some nice new ones too

• Favorite season(s)- Fall & Winter (because summer is HELL in Texas)