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Hey! You found it.  Welcome.  This is my new website created to document my hikes, book reviews, various writing challenges, annoying vacation photos, and other ramblings.  If you followed me on my "Various Things" or "52 Hikes With Mike" blogs, they will continue to exist as an archive but will not be updated going forward.  My goal with this website is to offer encouragement, inspiration, or at least some entertainment.

At the top of this page, or via a menu bar on the top right if you're on mobile, you'll find a "Writing" section and there you can read all of the blog posts from my various ramblings, the  #naturewritingchallenge, or any book reviews I decide to write.  The "52 Hikes With Mike" section, my personal favorite, will include posts from each hike I take throughout the year and other updates pertaining to hiking.  Lastly, check out the "About" section to find out more about me, ways to contact me, or anything you ever wanted to know about my pets.

Please enjoy the content and thank you for visiting!


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