#ForestFriday - Exit Glacier Trail

Kenai Fjords National Park is somewhere I’d like to revisit for a bit longer than we did. I loved hiking up to see the glacier, but I’d like to spend more time there and see even more. Beyond that, I remember the trail to the glacier and the little bit of forest it went through. There were creek crossings, glacier runoff creeks, and tons of greenery. Enjoy a couple of photos from the forest on the way to the glacier. Happy Forest Friday!

#ForestFriday - Kenai Lake

Today, in photos anyway, I’m heading back to Alaska to Kenai Lake. We camped here for one night last June on our family adventure around Alaska. Enjoy some photos and the escape back to the forest. I hope you get outside this weekend!

#ForestFriday - Little Susitna River

Forest Friday 8.31.18.jpg

On our last day in Alaska, after getting home from the 10 day camping trip, my other half and I made a quick little trip to this area by ourselves just to get away. This river flows through the Hatcher Pass Public Use Area and there is nothing nicer than a river flowing through the trees. I hope you get out and enjoy the forest this weekend!

Special #ThrowbackThursday - Alaskan Adventure

A year ago my other half and I were probably napping after our flight back from Alaska.  We spent about 10 days visiting with his family, exploring the land, and loving life.  I can't wait to get back up there, so I'm sharing a few photos to relive the moments until then.  Enjoy!

Quartz Creek Campground - Kenai Lake

A quiet morning on Kenai Lake - Quartz Creek Campground

A foggy view just south of Seward

Sea kayaks with a view - Seward, AK

A view of Exit Glacier on the way up to get a closer look - Kenai Fjords National Park

Byron Glacier

#ForestFriday - Chugach National Forest in Alaska

June 2017: I hiked through parts of Alaska and it included trails in the Chugach National Forest.  I went to many places in the ten days I was there, but this place was one of the most magical for me.  From moss covered trees to mountain views, this forest had it all.  Happy Forest Friday and I hope you find yourself among the trees this weekend.