santa fe national forest

#ForestFriday - New Mexico!

One of my favorite places to escape to on a quick weekend journey is the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico. There are endless campgrounds and plenty of good views to go around. The trees are tall, the air is a little thinner, and the skies are GORGEOUS in any weather. I’m thankful to have such beautiful places within 9 hours of my house. I’ll drive all night to get to camp in the SFNF for an evening because it is just that wonderful. Where do you like to escape for the weekend?

Sunset in the Santa Fe National Forest

Sunset in the Santa Fe National Forest

Bright morning hike in the Santa Fe National Forest

Rain on the horizon in the Santa Fe National Forest

#ForestFriday - Santa Fe National Forest (special repeat)

I recently did a tribute to the Santa Fe National Forest for Forest Friday, but here's another because it's fresh off the brain from our recent trip.  Here are a few views from our campsite, from the evening.  Enjoy and I hope you can find the forest this weekend!

#ForestFriday - Santa Fe National Forest

A year ago this week, my other half and I visited the Santa Fe National forest in New Mexico.  The city of Santa Fe is a colorful desert town, but the National Forest is burst of green trees and mountains on a completely different level.  We stayed at the Holy Ghost Campground and explored around that area.  Here are some photos of the forest to enjoy!