national park week

#NationalParkWeek ...I missed #ParkChat

I was a little busy during this week's #ParkChat, so I'm taking the opportunity to answer the questions now to help explore the topic for myself.  Feel free to read along or pass on this one, either way Happy National Park Week!

Q1: What is your favorite book about the national parks that we may not know about? Is there a book you love that features one of the amazing landscapes within our national parks?

A1: An interesting book that I read was Ranger Confidential by Andrea Lankford and it discussed the real life situations of being a park ranger at prominent National Park locations.

Q2: It’s #NationalParkWeek, let’s kick this off right by posting a picture of your favorite National Park! What makes this park particularly special for you?

A2: I could easily pick any park as my favorite, but the Redwoods are my special place.  I've been here the most, would return in a second, and have so much more to see.  This ecosystem is just completely fascinating, the height of the trees is remarkable, and the fact that the parks encompass a variety of areas is very nice.  I've been four times, with each time being a slightly different experience.  The more I learn, the more I yearn to return.

Q3: If tomorrow you could become the superintendent of any NPS unit, which one do you pick and why? #ParkChat

A3: Olympic National Park

Q4: What is the most unique or special souvenir that you have from a trip to the national parks? Share a picture if you have one!

A4: We collect magnets from special places – parks, points of interest, etc.  I try to focus on memories and photos, but if we can we’ll snag a magnet.

Don't mind the delicious Oberon in the way, just know there is a fridge full of magnets behind it.

Q5: Let’s celebrate the partners that make the #NPS work so well. Who is your favorite NPS concessionaire, in terms of activities, transportation, food, or lodging? Tell us why you appreciate their role!

A5: I really enjoy the WNPA and NPCA as coordinating groups for their work in protecting and preserving our parks.  I don’t know much about concessions, as I do not deal much with lodging or dining in parks, but these two organizations really stand out in my brain as immediate assets to the NPS.

Q6: Share a great budget saving tip for exploring #NPS units that we may not know about!

A6: Bring your own food or buy it from a grocery store on the way! Camp on BLM lands or state parks, and plan ahead to know exactly what it will take to enjoy the trip.  Here are some of my favorite reference points from a well-traveled, budget friendly adventure guy.

Q7: National park #61 is coming soon! Who do you think will win the race to #61?

A7: I don’t feel the need to contribute to this topic, though I’ll say I’ve been to #60 back when it wasn’t #60 and I think it could have stayed that way. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q8: What historical figure do you feel is currently left out of the National Park System? Who should have their own site, where, and why?

A8: I feel we need to honor those who lived these lands before us as.

Q9: We love camping, but we also love lodges and hotels! What’s the most interesting lodge or hotel you’ve stayed in on a parks trip? Have you stayed at a lodge or hotel that is on your parks bucket list?

A9: Grand Canyon North Rim lodge was very memorable.

Q10: Which park has the best or most awesome visitor center? What is remarkable about it—the exhibit? The staff? The setting? The connection to the community? Do tell…

A10: I loved the staff at the Hoh Rainforest recently – very helpful and friendly.  I just love every visitor center because I learn so much.