#MondayMotivation - More thankful in March (week 2)


I’m genuinely so lucky to know such wonderful people. Some are people I know well and see often, some are virtual friends, and some are long time best buds who I don’t get to see very often at all. I’m just lucky. I’m thankful. I have a circle of people who represent a wide range of life experiences and who bring different bits of expertise to the table when it comes to getting through all that life has to offer.


I don’t have the luxury of unlimited vacation time or funds, so I don’t get to see this wonderful circle of people as often as I’d like. Living in DFW metro area is a bit nuts, too, as I have family just 70 miles southwest and rarely get to see them because it just takes forever and battling traffic on a Friday night is almost more work than working for eight hours. These are all small problems to have, I know, and I realize it’s my cloud and not everyone’s dilemma.


Sometimes, I get to power through a Friday drive and visit my family at their respective houses here in Texas or even do the 20 hour drive to Northern Michigan. I am lucky because I have a flexible work schedule and paid time off so I get to utilize that time to visit with friends (new and old) as well as family all while seeing new places along the way. I have reliable transportation and I accumulate airline miles as well as set money aside for travel. The real silver lining is that I have people in all sorts of places and I’m lucky to be able to visit them and vacation at the same time. That’s winning at life, in my book.

My point, I knew I had one, is to treasure the relationships you build that work out. People, near and far and of varying connection levels are important and truly wonderful. You just never know who you’ll meet, virtually or not, so dare to be bold about it and make the connection. Say YES to invitations, say YES to offers, and say YES to life. Also, be the one that makes it happen and make an offer to your circle; advice I’m going to take more seriously this year.

Met some folks from Twitter and am lucky enough to be adventuring with some of them this year.

Met some folks from Twitter and am lucky enough to be adventuring with some of them this year.