#WayBackWednesday - Delicate Arch

In today's look back, I'm going to Arches.  I've been there a few times, but one of the best visits included the hike to Delicate Arch in 2010.  This was back when I was still pretty inexperienced with hiking, so I remember the trek getting to the arch pretty vividly.  We hiked over expansive red rock surfaces, across streams of melting snow, and through snow that still existed in the shade.

Once at the arch, you realize that rock formation you saw from distance is HUGE.  It's overwhelmingly large, actually.  Stand there, at Delicate Arch, you feel small in only a way the best things in nature can do.  The red rock swirls around, there are formations in the distance, and mountains through the clouds.  We were lucky, the sun came out and it didn't rain/snow on us like it was off in the distance.

A year prior, my friend and I camped at Arches NP and hiked to many of the other popular landscapes, but the hike to Delicate Arch always sticks with me.  For more information on the hike, history, etc, check out this link to the NPS website.

Where have you hiked that left a particularly memorable impression?