#hike52 - Herman Vogler Conservation Area

Location: Herman Vogler Conservation Area – Rogers City, MI Date: 12/27/17

Distance: 2 miles

The blizzard in the Upper Peninsula really killed any plans to travel safely up there to see Tahquamenon Falls.  So, I went back to the place down the road from my family's home and took the dogs on a longer hike, further back, to fulfill the final hike for the year.  It was near zero degrees, snowing, and I broke trail on half of this trek today.  All in all, it was the perfect way to end the challenge for the year and encourage me for the new year.  I'm battling a major head cold and so 2 miles was more than enough for my wheezing, congestion, and head pain.  Here are some photos!  Cheers to 2018!