#hike51 - Herman Vogler Conservation Area

Location: Herman Vogler Conservation Area - Rogers City, MI Date: 12/24/17

Distance: 1.2 miles

Took the dogs and went to the trails!  We didn't know what conditions to expect, but there was only about 6 inches of snow on the hiking trails.  The temperature was hovering near 20F, but the woods cut any wind right down making it feel a lot nicer on the face.  These are the trails I did as a kid with my grandma and whatever dog we had then, so it was a special hike today to relive those memories.  In the winter, we'd cross country ski here too, and seeing the tracks from others today was nice.  All in all, not a very long hike, but a lot to take in and it was good breathing to cold, northern air!  Hiking in winter boots is much less comfortable than hikers, just for the record  Chewy the dog had to share the spotlight with Callie, my grandparent's dog on the trail today.