52 Hikes with Mike - Missed goal

I want to talk about the year of 2018. What a weird year. More on that in a coming post. I didn’t reach my goal of 52 hikes in 52 weeks this year. It just didn’t happen. I’m a little ashamed, but mostly okay with the whole thing. The hikes I did, 31 to be exact, were fun and fresh.

2018 STATS

  • Total Hikes: 31

  • Total Miles: 181.77

  • Total Hikes Enjoyed: 31

  • Solo Hikes: 17

  • Hikes with Dogs: 9

  • Unique Locations for 2018: 17

  • Unique States for 2018: 7 (Washington, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah)

  • Unique NPS Unit for 2018: 4 (Arches, Olympic, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, Santa Fe National Forest — I visited others, just didn’t hike-hike)

  • Unique State Park for 2018: 6 (Dinosaur Valley State Park, Colorado Bend State Park, McKinney Falls State Park, Tyler State Park, Tahquamenon Falls State Park (MI), Cleburne State Park)

  • With 31 hikes, I was only 30.68 miles away from my 2017 total mileage which means my 2018 hikes were longer on average

  • Average Hike Distance: 5.86 miles

  • Shortest Hike: 2.75 miles (Herman Vogler Conservation Area, Rogers City, MI)

  • Longest Hike: 9.55 miles (Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose, TX)

2018 Thoughts

If I had continued onward, I would have reached my goals set in January of 300-400 miles. I have to keep those goals for 2019 by keeping my average hike length above 6 miles. I did a lot of repeat hikes, mostly at Dinosaur Valley State Park and my other local haunts, and that’s okay but I think that’s part of why I burned out so quickly. The year was rainy, very rainy, and when it rains in Texas a lot of the trails are impassable.

I was sleeping in more in 2018, and it’s because I wasn’t sleeping well because I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was mildly depressed, didn’t want to get motivated for anything, and it really showed in the total number of outings I did. I was making excuses to go out the next day or do two on a Sunday, but it was really me just quitting before I started. I’m really going to have to work hard on that for 2019.

2019 Goals

  1. Reach 300 miles

  2. Hike more than 52 times

  3. Count everything - even a mile

  4. Shoot for 400 miles

  5. Hike 10% of the hikes in National Parks

  6. Stop worrying about stats, really… after listing stats as goals

  7. Learn about the land I’m hiking on and process that

2019 Thoughts

I really want to get back to my 2017 mindset of just making sure I get up and out EVERY weekend when humanly possible. I was staying home and doing NOTHING instead of hiking on beautiful days, even very recently. No more. Stats are cool, but what I meant about not worrying about them was just focusing on getting out. 2019 will be the hiking season of GETTING OUT WHENEVER POSSIBLE.

I also want to meet more hikers, and have more meetups. Who’s interested in hiking with me? I’m in Dallas-Fort Worth, so it’s easy to get to many places near and far.

Here’s to a new season of getting outside and learning about the land.