52 Hikes with Mike - 2019 Edition

I’ve signed up, again, for the 52 Hike Challenge. (More info HERE)

I plan to hike 52 times in 2019, hopefully at least once per week. There are always weeks with travel or personal happenings that can get in the way, so some weeks may include two hikes to make up for any missed hikes. I signed up for the Adventure Series (Objectives HERE) which includes switching it up with various “challenges” throughout the year such as hiking to a waterfall or in a National Park. I look forward to incorporating challenges into my hike planning to keep things interesting.

I successfully completed the 52 Hike Challenge in 2017, did about 59% of it in 2018, and fully intend to exceed 100% in 2019. I’m not resolving to do this, per a new years resolution, I’m simply committing as I’ve done for the past two years to hiking as much as possible.

I’ve found a few more local hikes that will do in a pinch, that should allow for a bit more variety. I’ve got plans for a summer trip to Oregon, perhaps, and hopefully a trip back to Washington too. More to come as I plan everything out. As always, if you’d like to hike together, get in touch!

Someone I’d highly suggest following on their 52 hike journey is my friend Jen (Her Website). I’m hoping we get to hike together, but until then I’m reading her blog and following her social media to see the neat outdoorsy stuff she’s got goin’ on and you should too.

2019 Hiking Goals

  • 300 Miles

  • Visit 6 new state parks in Texas (May turn into a quest to visit all state parks in Texas)

  • Backpacking at least twice (I chickened out last year, ugh)

  • Hike in 3 NPS sites

  • Enjoy every hike

  • More sunrise hikes (starting in the dark)

Here’s to another year of hikes and the wonderful world of public lands we have in our backyards!