#MondayMotivation - More thankful in March (week 3)


Inspired by the wonderful Pattie Gonia on Instagram (link here) and my group of outdoor blogger masterminds (Inner Compass) (Jenny the Trailhead) (Indoorsy Camper), I’m thankful for every outdoor experience no matter what it is. Everyone’s version of the outdoors is a little different, but as long as you’re following the laws of public lands and leave no trace, it doesn’t matter what you prefer. Live your best outdoor life. Love the outdoors in any way you can that suits your abilities and desires.

Some of my favorite ways to get outside:

  • Road trips - sometimes even without hiking because I don’t have the time

  • Camping - state parks, federal land, private campgrounds… it doesn’t matter!

  • Hiking - both (soon to be) backpacking, local trails, loops, in and out, short hikes, long hikes

  • Nature walks on paved paths in the metroplex through the various trail systems - there are a ton of birds to watch, that’s for damn sure!

  • Walking my dog in the neighborhood nearby and/or visiting the city park

  • Boating with the family on the lake - this includes just cruising, swimming, or any combination of the two

  • Sitting in someone’s back yard with a bonfire, having a drink, and listening to the frogs in the nearby creek

  • Standing outside in my freeway-adjacent parking lot staring at the sunrise - sure, it’s not ideal, but it’a all I got on a Monday morning before work!

I get outside as often as I can, in any form that I am able to do so. I love every minute I get, even if it’s not exactly what I dream of doing at that second in time. I know, parking lot sunrises probably don’t hold a candle to backcountry sunrises, but sometimes you just take what you get and you love it for what it is. So this week, be thankful for any experiences you get outside and own them.

Have a great week, get outside if that suits ya, and enjoy yourselves!