#MondayMotivation - Help your fellow trees!

One of my favorite things to see in the forest is new trees, ferns, or mosses growing from logs or stumps.  Trees never die, they just help each other out in the circle of life.  Queue the song from the Lion King.  But, seriously, if we took a lesson from this and offered to help one another a bit more, we would probably achieve a better balance.  Think about it.  Help someone!  Maybe you're just a sounding board for someone - you could be the stump, and their idea could be the new tree.  Maybe you need a log or stump to help you grow?  Who knows?  Take a moment to think about it, if it makes any sense at all.... enjoy these photos of trees or plants growing out of other trees or plants.

All of the organisms in an ecosystem work together, and I think we need to rethink our human ecosystem sometimes and see how we can exist more like the plants in these photos.