Texas State Parks Quest - I have a map now!

I don’t know why it took so long, but I learned about “My Maps” on Google and I’ve been adding places like crazy. All of the plotting has lead to some planning. Many of the state parks are near one another, which will make weekend adventures even more fun.

Some locations are going to be a challenge for me. Devils River State Natural Area is located down a rugged, 22-mile road that may be too jagged for my current tires. A workaround would be to book a kayak trip with one of the several companies that rent equipment and shuttle people to/from. This visit will be an adventure, no matter what happens, and will require the entirety of no less than three days plus travel.

The Wyler Aerial Tramway is located in El Paso, TX and is permanently closed but offers guided hiking on certain days of the month. The social media for the location is updated well, so hopefully the stars align for the perfect visit. I was bummed to learn the tram is shut down, though, as all the photos from it look so cool. Luckily, there are other hiking and historical locations in El Paso so a trip out there will be well worth it.


As I added each location to my Google Maps, I viewed the respective Texas Parks and Wildlife website and learned briefly about the park. Several places are SO popular it’s recommended to purchase a day pass ahead of time, which is fine, and others look like they get very few visitors which is even better. Either way, I am excited for this journey and all of the unique places I get to see throughout this giant state.

If you’d like to adventure/hike/camp, and/or have a Jeep/4x4/sturdy tires, get in touch and we can make a weekend of it sometime!

Introducing Quests With Mike

This space will be devoted to updates related to my brand new adventure quests. Follow along, join me out in the world, and raise a glass to adventure.

I’m currently in the planning phase for two new adventure quests. Here’s the rough ideas for now, more details to come!

  1. Texas State Parks Quest
    —Going to visit all 103 state park units and natural areas in the next two years
    —Details are rough, but I’m leaning towards only counting state parks that I camp at least one night and/or hike at least one mile (or do any paths/loops)

  2. Texas NPS Quest
    —Going to visit all National Park Service units (Parks, Monuments, Historical Sites, Seashores, etc)
    —Working on the exact details, but it should be