Quests with Mike: Texas State Parks


The Quest

Texas has 103 State Park Units throughout the expansive state. I have been to 12 of them, and hope to visit all 103 within the next two years. Some of the locations I’ve been to have an associated trailway with them, so I will revisit for those and actually walk the trailway. Texas is a HUGE place and the thought of visiting all 103 parks is a little overwhelming, so I’ll give myself some time to get it all done.

Questions I’ve Asked Myself

  • What constitutes a visit? A visit will include at least driving through the front gate and either walking a paved path, hiking a trail, and/or camping overnight.

  • Can there be multiple state parks per day? I can visit more than one per day, in fact, I plan to do so with many of them.

  • What exactly does this quest include? State Parks, State Nature Areas, and State Historical Sites listed on this website

  • Will I have to revisit parks I’ve already visited? No! I am not requiring myself to revisit parks I’ve already visited. This quest is about expanding my adventure scope.

The Texas terrain is wide and varied, which is something I’m thankful for living in such a flat and urban area of the state. I can’t wait to explore the pine forests and western landscapes a bit more as well as visit the seashore.