#hike23 - Fairfield Lake State Park

Date: 6/11/17 Location: Fairfield Lake State Park

Distance: 5.65 miles

Trail Map

Chewy the Dog and I left the house and hit the road south to Fairfield Lake State Park.  It was about a 90-105 minute drive and it was worth it.  The park was mostly empty and the weather was cooling, but by no means cool.  The humidity was high, but the temp was finally below 90F by the time we arrived.  We set out on the Big Brown Creek Trail and quickly found it was wooded, mostly shaded, and a pretty easy hike overall.  It was moderately overgrown, and felt as if no one had been on it in a while - which was both good and eerie all at once.  Chewy the Dog was really tired about 2.75 miles in, and by the time we got back to the car he was trailing me a couple tenths of a mile.  Poor dog.  He's fine now, after the 90 minute drive home, and some air conditioning.  I soaked a shirt in sweat, due to humidity and my lack of regular exercise.  Cheers to getting away from DFW for a few hours!