#hike15 - Cedar Ridge Preserve

Date: April 15, 2018

Location: Cedar Ridge Preserve - Dallas, TX

Distance: 4.1

Trails: Escarpment, Fossil Valley, Cedar Brake (trail map)

At Cedar Ridge, huge crowds of people are unavoidable and it's something I have just learned to deal with as part of hiking in a huge metro area with limited options.

My top 3 things to love about the people at Cedar Ridge:

  • Families that hike together - there are a lot of them and it's so nice to see.  I've seen multiple generations out together, which is so cool.
  • Older dudes hiking together just shootin' the shit, I aspire to have a friend when I'm old to causal hike the neighborhood park with and talk about life.
  • People walking their dogs - face it, dogs are awesome and for me are the highlight of the hike.

My top 3 things I don't love so much about the people at Cedar Ridge:

  • People who leave their dog poop at the entrance or don't keep their pets close to them while walking
  • Couples basically making out on every bench or as they walk - get a damn room already!  I just don't think that's cool... hold hands, but you don't have to kiss and make out.
  • People that don't share the trail... Mainly, groups that don't go single file on narrow areas when people are passing.  Just because you're mid conversation with your BFF Jill doesn't mean I don't want to get by... get over it.

Today's hike was rejuvenating and I pondered a lot of things.  It looked like spring but felt a bit too cool to qualify.  On one of my trails, I ran into a fellow blogger and hiker named Richard.  His blog has helped me find quite a few new spots and he really is an inspiration to people wanting to trail run.  Go check him out here.

I hope y'all have a great week ahead - happy trails!

#hike9 - Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

Date: March 10, 2018

Location: Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge - Fort Worth, TX

Distance: 4.7 miles

Trails: Canyon Ridge Trail

My friend Megan met up with me and we went out to the Nature Center to hike it up on Saturday morning hike number nine.  It was a mild morning with partial sun, and not a huge crowd to start out, which is always a good sign.  I love the Canyon Ridge Trail for the hills and the views, but today it was even better with new leaves and flowers for spring.  We spent the 4.7 miles, there and back, discussing life and reminiscing about recent events - time flew by.  I always enjoy hiking with friends or family, so if anyone wants to connect out on the trail, hit me up!  By the end of our time, it was a pleasant 75 degrees and the sun was shining down.

Things to know about the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge/Canyon Ridge Trail:

  • Get there early if you'd like to start your hike with fewer people.  If you don't mind crowds, wait it out for a later start.  We started at 8:30 with two cars in the lot and ended with people parking down the road at 10:30-11.
  • There are plenty of other trails, but Canyon Ridge offers a variety of things from old building ruins to views of Lake Worth to minor elevation changes that challenge your legs.
  • It is $5/person to get in, and they DO accept credit/debit cards.

Fun story: We were at this old rest shelter, and saw another one down a trail (probably not Leave No Trace) so we delicately went to check it out...only to find tons of wasps.  I ran so fast away, there was no time for photos or to make sure Megan was okay - she was.  We avoided any bodily harm and had a good laugh about it once we stopped running.

I hope you all got outside this weekend if you wanted, and if not, hopefully soon!  Enjoy your week and happy trails!