rogers city

#hike17 - Herman Vogler Conservation Area

Date: May 5, 2018

Location: Herman Vogler Conservation Area - Rogers City, MI

Distance: 2.75

Trails: 2 loops, part of another

The healing power of hiking is REAL.

This particular hike was one of the most therapeutic of any I've taken over the past 17 months.  I was in Northern Michigan to say goodbye to my grandfather and was fortunate enough to have the opportunity.  When it was all over, on Saturday, I had the opportunity to take a sunny hike at one of my favorite places near their home to get some fresh air.  Hiking is good for the mind, body, and soul and this short little stroll through the muddy woods was no exception.  I challenged my body with balance, cleared my head, and soothed my soul all in under three miles - mostly.

Spring came late for Northern Michigan this year, so the trails were either covered in snow, miniature ponds, or troughs of mud.  It was fun, and wet, getting through but worth it overall.  These trails were the location for hike 51 and 52 last year, just 5 short months ago.  Hiking has really been an important part in my life for clearing my head, brainstorming new ideas, and relaxing.  I wish you all happy trails and hope you can connect with nature in a beneficial way.