2019 #hike7 - Cedar Ridge Preserve

Quick Stats

Date: Sunday, February 17, 2019

Location: Cedar Ridge Preserve - Dallas, TX

Distance: 4.3 miles

Trails: Cattail Pond, Cedar Brake, Fossil Valley, Escarpment, Red Oak

Miles from Home: 23

Weather: Cool, cloudy, sun peeking out eventually

Equipment: Apple Watch, iPhone


  • Wasn’t completely overrun with people

  • Perfect weather for a hike in Texas

  • Improved signs and lots of trail work since my last visit

  • The hills are great exercise

Low Points

  • Nearby road noise is prominent throughout

  • People are trashing the trails here

  • People are noisy, which is a personal opinion and just me whining really

I did not want to go for a hike this morning. I mean, I went to bed thinking I did, but I woke up wanting to drink coffee and stay home. I eventually had my oatmeal, got hydrated, and set out around 9 AM which was only two hours later than I’d wanted to leave. I don’t know what happens to my motivation, but I have a feeling it’s partly due to locations available locally. Cedar Ridge Preserve was a staple in 2017 and 2018, but it really wore me down over time and I only use it as a location when I don’t have a better plan.


As I mentioned above, the trails are well maintained and great for exercise. The place is nice, it’s mostly clean, despite some trash from trashy people, and the trails are clear of any major debris. I always enjoy the trails and have a good workout because of their design; there are hills on almost every trail and they can get the heart going when you’ve leveled off from the flat areas. Most people, so it seems from basic observation, are here for exercise. People walking in pairs, families out together, and runners of all kinds fill the trails. Today, people seemed to have a problem with trail etiquette and who has the right of way up and down the hills as well as runners just doing whatever they wanted.

I did not LOVE my hike, but I still enjoyed it. I’m glad I went and got out of the house. I’m certain I’ll be a little more forward thinking for future hikes. It’s time to venture out and get adventurous again. Hello all-nighters and longs drives! Happy trails!

Before & After