#WayBackWednesday - Christmas of 2017

Last year we made the trek to Michigan to spend Christmas with my family. This year, we’ll be heading up to Alaska to see my other half’s family. Next year, I swear I’m staying in Texas. Here’s a look back at a few highlights from that trip last year. Whatever you celebrate, or don’t, I hope you have a great couple of weeks ahead.

I didn’t get to stop and see everyone on this trip, but I did get to see a lot of people. So thankful to have the problem of too many people and not enough time.

And, of course, the family time was nice. It was the last Christmas with our grandfather, so I guess it was meant to be that I finally got up there for a holiday. The kids were fun and everyone was happy to see us out-of-towners.

I’ll miss everyone this year, but we’ll get to see more family so it’ll be alright! Happy Holidays!