#MondayMotivation - Internet friends?

Today's motivation is coming from seeing all of the people from the online outdoor community doing the activities they love and working to protect the places they cherish.

We may come from different socioeconomic levels, different backgrounds, etc... but we all want to do things that make life more meaningful and more fun.  The online outdoor communities have helped me connect with people who love the outdoors and who have valuable information on activities and locations I may be interested in exploring.  It's a powerful feeling to connect with a group of people who want to keep the outdoor spaces we love clean and protected for generations to come - I highly recommend it.

Find your people, in person or online, and dive in to that community.  Learn, grow, and find your passions.

Thank you to everyone out there for your intentional or unintentional inspiration to get out, love the land, and fight for the future....what a wild ride!


As always, if you're ever in Dallas/Fort Worth, contact me (or through social media) and we'll go for a hike at one of my local spots and/or grab a drink to catch up.

Views from Olympic National Park... I saw so much in 2.5 days up there with a lot of help from my guidebook and tweets/messages/etc from people that live and love the park!  Thanks!