#WayBackWednesday - GVSU Overexposed

Back in July of 2007, my friend Anne and I would stay up late and walk from her off-campus apartment to campus and wander around.  We were creatures of the night who didn't sleep, loved to observe the night happenings, and needed the exercise.  I had just purchased a new point and shoot camera, a Panasonic DMC-FX3 to be exact, and was taking hundreds of photos every week just because I could.  I had never had a digital camera before, and this was before smartphones, so it was an exciting new toy for me.  On one of our many walks to campus at night, I decided to use the "long exposure" setting on the camera and take some photos around campus.  The range of exposure varied between 15 and 90 seconds.  I edited them, only slightly, mainly to straighten them out as they were taken by being propped up on something because I didn't own a tripod.  I adjusted the brightness on some, but didn't do too much else to enhance them at all.

These photos really take me back to the campus and brings up some good memories from my time at Grand Valley State University.  The campus is situated along the Grand River, west of Grand Rapids in SW lower Michigan.  We had corn fields, forests, and ravines surrounding us and it was glorious in the summer when everyone went home.  Enjoy the photos from my trip down memory lane.

Kirkhof Center from across the pond (has since been remodeled and has additions)

The iconic Cook Carillon Clock Tower

A view towards the performing arts center

One of the gardens on campus - looking magical and alien in the overnight light

That same garden, from a different angle

An art piece on campus

Mighty Maple

An empty Little Mac Bridge which spans a large ravine through campus

Have they come to collect us?