New Year, New Look.

I've created a website, if you haven't noticed, and it's pretty fun so far.  I loved having blogs on WordPress, but for the money I was going to spend to increase my storage there, I thought why not spend a few bucks more and get an entire website that could host both blogs, various other content, and have my own domain name.  So, here we are all fresh and new.  Forgive me as continue to learn how to do this and as I continue to make it as easy as possible to navigate.

I thought about just using this website to share my hiking journey with anyone who wants to follow along, but figured adding other topics would be more fun for me.  As with my WordPress blogs, I am doing this for me.  I don't hate the attention (let's be real), but this is for my own documentation and record keeping more than anything else.  I wanted an organized way to look back at the things I do so I can reflect, plan ahead, and just plain remember things that slip my brain.

Bookmark me if you'd like, and if not, that's okay too.  I'll share all hiking and writing updates via my social media pages, so they'll always be floating around out there somewhere.  I have a year to see how this works, and if it doesn't feel enjoyable or feasible anymore, it'll end as it should in a fireball of destruction.  Kidding, I'll just lose the domain and life will carry on.

I'm working on migrating some more important writings and travel posts, so they'll appear but I will not share them on Twitter as they've been shared before.  Look for them in the next week or so, if you want to look back.  Most things have been migrated over, and are already on here.

If you enjoy this site, don't hesitate to let me know.  If you think it needs work, keep it to yourself - just kidding, I don't mind constructive criticism.  I'm not looking to use this platform to make money (yet) or become famous on Twitter, I'm just documenting my journey and sharing things I find entertaining, useful, and inspiring.

If you want to hike with me, find me on Twitter or use the Contact Me form I created.  I'd love to connect with people interested in the outdoors or people that may know great spots here in Texas to take a hike.  I'm working on a tentative schedule for 2018, though spontaneity is usually more my style.  I'll share some ideas once I've done a little more research, so stay tuned!

If you've read this, I wish you well and invite you to check back soon!