Nearing the end of the year...


  • Well, I've hit 200 miles, finally!  I kind of thought I would have done more, so that's the goal for next year - do more, hopefully at least 350 miles.  I know it's not about the distance, but I can't help but think I could do more for both my brain and body.
  • Hikes 49 & 50 are happening this weekend ahead, at two state parks in Texas Hill Country.  I'm technically one week behind, but this weekend will finally level it all out and get me up to date.  It's not about the weeks so much as getting 52 hikes in.
  • Hikes 51 & 52 will happen in Michigan to wrap up the challenge, around Christmas!  I'm hoping to to Hike 52 at Tahquamenon Falls State Park, but we'll see how the weather and time go.
  • I recently discovered that some people do 52 unique hikes and I'm a little bit jealous.  Embarking on 52 unique hikes where I live, and with my lifestyle, just isn't feasible.  Future goals, however, will be to do 52 unique hikes - maybe after a relocation or if I sit down and map out the year in advance.
  • I'm working on a more consistent format for the blog next year - more for my own record keeping purposes than anything else.  A cleaner look, streamlined photos, and some statistics.
  • Remember, I take and share photos to help me remember things as well as to show off how beautiful the world is.  I don't use my DSLR too often and I don't really edit them unless it's clicking the "auto" in Google Photos before importing them to the blog or social media.  I love people that take pro photos, but that's just not something that is likely to happen here.
  • Anyone wanting to do a hike with me next year, let me know!  Maybe we can get together on a trail somewhere near or far.  My other half and I love to travel and will plan to include some hiking away from Texas, so I'll keep this blog in the loop.
  • I'm so thankful for this year.  I was able to hike all over the country - from Alaska to Texas.  I didn't make it to Washington, but that fuels the fire for 2018.