#hike40 - Lake Fort Smith State Park

Location: Lake Fort Smith State Park / Ozark National Forest Date: 10/7/2017

Distance: 3 miles

Trails: Ozark Highlands Trail

My other half and I (along with Chewy the Dog) went up to Rogers, AR to visit some friends and decided to take a morning/noon hike a few exits down at Lake Fort Smith State Park.  We did some Google image searches of the place, checked out the state park website and and figured it would be a good, quick hike we could fit in to the schedule.

It rained Friday night into Saturday morning, so the sky was still gray and the ground still damp.  The rocks were slippery, making it a little difficult for Chewy the Dog.  We started at the state park visitor center and went about 1.5 miles into the woods before deeming it too slippery for the dog and realizing it was later than we thought.  The trail itself was well maintained in near the state park, but became narrow and slightly more difficult beyond.

Highlights: mosses, rocky overhangs, some leaf color change, and the smell of the woods obviously.  Here are some photos!  I'd like to revisit this trail - maybe without the dog and with less time restraints - to go a bit further into the woods.