#hike19 (made up 6/26/17) - Lake Mineral Wells State Park

**Please see update Hike 19 - Make up hike @ Quartz Creek Campground, Chugach National Forest  

Date: 5/14/2017

Location: Lake Mineral Wells SP

Distance: under 1 mile

Well, we got to the park midday and it was 93.  We weren't deterred.  The dog wasn't deterred.  We had a shaded trail to start, plenty of water, and sunscreen.  We got up the first hill and my other half stopped, a little dizzy but we continued.  We took a wrong turn that took us out to the main path and the horse flies starting attacking.  It was hot, annoying, and there was a reason no one was there.  We did a mile, and went back to the car.  The dog was not doing well, it's that time of year when I'll have to start leaving him home, and it was just done.  I'll make up this hike, as barely a mile doesn't count for me.  I did get some photos and it did get us out of the house.