52 Hikes With Mike - The Halfway Point

It's halfway through the year, anyway... I'm not where I want to be, but I'll be just fine.

I've been drastically unmotivated since April.  I'm about three hikes behind, but I have plans in place to make them up over the next quarter.  For some reason, I've been lazier than normal and it may have something to do with the climbing temps or lack of overall sleep in my life.  I haven't wanted to go hiking at any of my local haunts and I haven't been waking up early enough on the weekends to get in the car and get a few hours away.  I was struggling with this back in March and April, with little relief on the horizon - until now.  I have plenty of opportunities this summer to make up any lost time or distances.

Click here to see my post from April on the first quarter of hiking.

Halfway Point Goals

  • hike further
  • wake up early to beat the heat
  • get out of town on weekend morning days
  • include more cardio between hikes as well as adjust diet/alcohol intake

Halfway Point Statistics - they haven't changed too much since April

  • I'm 91 miles from my 2017 total distance
  • Of 19 hikes, 12 were solo, and 4 included my dog
  • I've been to 13 unique locations, 5 Texas State Parks, 5 states, and 2 NPS units
  • Each hike in 2018 has been enjoyable, so that's good
  • Total mileage is sitting around 122 with an average hike just over 6 miles
Halfway Update.jpg

Upcoming Hikes

  • June 13:  Tahquamenon Falls, Upper Peninsula, Michigan.  I'll be in town for my brother's wedding so I'm sneaking up to the UP to hike between the upper and lower falls!
  • July 2018:  My other half and I will adventure west with the remaining vacation days and I'm hoping to hike in a couple of National Parks
  • August 2018:  It's our 2nd annual BFF Adventure and I know we'll hike somewhere, location TBD at this point.  (I'm voting for Utah, California, or Colorado)
  • August 2018:  Quick trip to Michigan because I have a flight voucher that needs to be used and I will try to hike out near our cottage or maybe sneak away to the UP

Feel free to follow along or even tag along on a hike.  I am pretty open to pacing, locations, etc.  Contact me!  Have a great summer and enjoy the blog.