#hike21 - Mt. Tabor Park


Date: Monday, August 12, 2019

Location: Mt. Tabor Park, Portland, OR

Distance: 6.21

Trails: All trails and fire roads, roadways to park

Miles from Home: 1,994

Weather: Sunny, mild, breezy

I hadn’t seen my oldest, most best friend in years, so I meandered down to Portland on my recent trip to the Northwest. I got a cute little basement room nearby, and her and I hiked and explored for the better part of 2 days-ish. One of the most urban, yet not, hikes I’ve done was at Mt. Tabor Park on the SE side of Portland and I got to do it with someone who knows the park very well. This park is/was my friend’s go-to for daily fitness and I can see why - the hills were alive.

With the hills (within city limits) are huge trees, great views of downtown, and miles of trails both paved and natural surface. We crisscrossed the entire hill, an old volcano (that’s two for this trip) and put on just over 6 miles with the short walk to the park from her house.

If I lived in the Southeast neighborhood, I’d visit this place every chance I could. Enjoy some photos from the trip and if you’re in Portland and looking for an urban yet wooded hike, visit Mt. Tabor Park.