2019 #hike8 #hike9 #hike10 & #hike11 - March Recap

Because I was drowning in work and also lazy AF, I decided to piece the March 2019 hikes together. I hope to hike some more out in West Texas - maybe Big Bend, hopefully Guadalupe Mountains, and a definitely a few state parks. If you want to hike together, hit me up!

Hike 8 - Clear Creek Heritage Nature Center - Denton, TX

  • 3.35 miles, solo hike, enjoyed

  • Flooded trails and very few people

  • Clear, beautiful weather - cool and sunny

  • Met some great people and had great chats about local hikes

Hike 9 - Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge - Fort Worth, TX

  • 4.35 miles, group hike, enjoyed

  • Nice hike with my other half and aunt

  • Beautiful sunny day, not too crowded

  • Spring was starting

Hike 10 - Big Bend National Park: Lost Mine Trail - Big Bend National Park, TX

  • 4.96 miles, solo hike, thoroughly enjoyed

  • Excellent views, great terrain variety, wonderful elevation gain

  • Beautiful trail plants

  • Crowded as the morning changed to afternoon

  • Get there early to avoid the sun, also!

Hike 11 - Big Bend National Park: Chimney Trail - Big Bend National Park, TX

  • 4.82 miles, solo hike, great canyon views

  • Gorgeous desert wildflowers and plant life

  • Wonderful, expansive views

  • Very sunny, wear sunscreen! It’s very exposed, avoid if too hot.

  • Not buys at all.