#hike18 - Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway


Date: Sunday, July 28, 2019

Location: Lake Mineral Wells State Park & Trailway - Mineral Wells, TX

Distance: 4.21 miles

Trails: Cross Timbers Green and Black

Miles from Home: 62.9

Weather: Hot, Sunny, Humid, Breezy

Lake Mineral Wells is an old standby for me, but I hadn’t visited yet this year. My friend Nikki, her daughter, and her father joined me on this hike and it was just a wonderful little Sunday morning. We set out at 8AM in hopes to avoid some of the heat coming by noon and successfully finished without perishing.

These two particular Cross Timbers trails are open to hiking, horses, and biking. We saw a few horses on our way out, but only encountered a few hikers overall. Most of these trails are in the open, so we didn’t have much for shade but did find solace from the sun occasionally. Nikki was commenting on how grown up the trees and bushes/grasses were compared to the last time she was there, which is true. It’s crazy what a good couple of rainy seasons will do!

If you’re looking for some trails suitable for the entire family, with options for a little more adventure, this is the place to go. Grab the kids, grab some friends/family, and get on out. Go early, avoid the heat, or go late. Either way, get out and enjoy.