#hike16 - Arbor Hills Nature Preserve


Date: Sunday, May 26, 2019

Location: Arbor Hills Nature Preserve - Plano, TX

Distance: 2.51 miles

Trails: Outer Loop and others

Miles from Home: 23.1

Weather: Warm, Humid, Partly Cloudy

This hike was a lot less than I expected, as far as distance, but was overall very relaxing and peaceful for being within the metroplex. I though I had read there were at least three miles of unpaved trails, and there may be, but it was complicated. There area series of tiny little tenth of a mile+ trails on the interior, that are hard to follow and didn’t offer much for me, so I opted out of them.

The preserve has wonderful paved paths, a lookout observation deck, and plenty of nature in the city. I believe Arbor Hills is an asset to the neighborhood. The park is less than a mile from my office, and I plan to walk there during lunch in the cooler months as well as maybe a few after work walk/jogs on my way home.