#hike5 - Eagle Mountain Park


Date: February 3, 2018

Location: Eagle Mountain Park - Fort Worth, TX

Distance: 5.5 miles

Trails: All but purple and yellow, see this map for reference

Eagle Mountain Park is one of the locations in Fort Worth that I don't mind revisiting, especially if the weekend doesn't allow for an out of town adventure.  My friend Nikki joined me for this hike and I was thankful to have someone along to chat with about nature, news, and pop culture.

This was the fourth time I was at Eagle Mountain Park, located on the east side of Eagle Mountain Lake, and I was expecting a familiar route with my friend, but we were constantly distracted by things we hadn't noticed before.

  • Was that log always there?
  • DId you ever notice that forest area?
  • Was that tree always down?
  • OOH, deer!
  • Oh, look at that bird! What kind of bird is that?

Rediscovering a familiar place is a treat and part of the reason these hikes are important to me.  As we walked, we kept discovering things that went under the radar before and reminded me that I need to slow down and be a bit more observant.  Nikki suggested we educate ourselves, so we are going to learn more about plant identification and various other information related to the ecology here in Texas.


Things to know about Eagle Mountain Park

  • There are hills, they're not terrible, but they are there so be aware
  • The trails wander between wooded and wide open areas, so you can find shade in the summer but always plan ahead with a hat, sunscreen, and water
  • Take the shoreline trail - it's beautiful and you usually can catch a nice breeze
  • If you want to avoid crowds, get there before 7:30am

This hike was especially refreshing, both mentally and physically, after a week of travel and getting back into the workflow.  I'm thankful for good friends, good talks, and slowing down and seeing the little things in a familiar place.  Happy trails!