Goal: Tahquamenon Falls Hike (June 2018)

Alright people, I had a brilliant idea today... This June I have to go up to Michigan for my brother's wedding, so I'm going to make the most of the trip.  Since I'll be driving, I've decided I'm going to sneak away for a day and hike the trail between upper and lower Tahquamenon Falls.  If you don't know anything about Tahquamenon Falls, here are some details:

  • When pronouncing it, think "phenomenon"
  • It's a set of 2 falls, actually, located on the Tahquamenon River in the eastern portion of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
  • The upper falls are just shy of 50 feet tall and 200 feet wide
  • The lower falls are located about 4 miles downstream from the upper falls, and aren't as tall but are still gorgeous
  • There is a trail between the two falls that is part of the North Country Trail
  • The falls are a tourist attraction all year (I like them best in the winter, personal preference)
  • You can learn more on the Michigan DNR page found here

When I was up in Michigan for Christmas, I had plans to visit the falls but wasn't able to do so because of a strong winter storm.  The Mackinac Bridge (connecting the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan) often closes or requires escorts if the weather gets too bad and I didn't want to risk being stuck* in the Upper Peninsula.  I'm determined to hike this trail, though, and will go alone if I have to this summer to do the 10 mile trek there and back.  If you'd like to join me on this trail, and will be in Michigan, contact me and I'll share the dates I'll be there.  It's likely this hike will be number 24 in the journey, but that is just an estimate.

Photo taken of the Upper Tahquamenon Falls in December 2015

*Disclaimer: there is nothing wrong with being stuck in the Upper Peninsula, I just didn't want to spend the money on a hotel or extra food.