A Healthier Mike - 10/23/2018

Day 5-8 - October 19-22, 2018

It wasn’t a great few days for food, but it was good for exercise. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I did plenty of walking and hiking. I had some beers, some burgers, some bad foods, but nothing too excessive over the weekend. I had an inspirational weekend to hopefully push me back outdoors, foot health pending. I think it’s plantar fasciitis, but I can’t be sure. I’m going to work with recommended treatments and compression socks to see if it helps.

I did not avoid snacking at work on Monday, but will today. I did take the free breakfast today, but will likely avoid a heavy lunch in lieu of it. I will try to take the dog for a longer walk tonight, though my knee and foot are KILLING ME with pain and swelling, so we’ll see. I’m generally upset, too, because the weather is finally lovely. Yesterday I did not do anything but eat poorly and sleep after work, so I’ll work harder on those too. I’m re-reading a book now, so I’ll hopefully hit that “read a chapter” daily goal as well.

I feel inspired and motivated to be better, even if in just small increments. Every little bit helps.

Daily Goals:

  1. Avoid snacking at work (this includes any free breakfast)

  2. Make a healthy dinner

  3. Walk or run outside if weather and time allows

  4. Track my food intake

  5. Walk a little at lunch

Additional Daily Goals:

  1. Close all rings on Apple Watch

  2. Read a chapter

Mental Notes

  • I had one of the most amazing weekends of my life. I was inspired, awakened, and enlightened. My heart warmed a little with new friends, and I have so much gratitude I can’t even stand it. I am thankful for new friends, old friends, family, and everyone doing nice things for people. I’m just so happy and distracted by the fact that there are GOOD people out there and I had the pleasure of meeting some recently.

  • I’m going to continue my work on being happier, ditching the stress, and working harder at being a better friend and partner.

  • Letting shit out is the best. Whether it’s to a willing listener, an empty notebook, or a digital space anonymously… it feels great to get the thoughts (good, bad, indifferent) out. Clear your space and make room for the positive energy.