A Healthier Mike - 10/18/2018

Day 3 - October 18, 2018

Yesterday ended up being a shit show of a day for food. I had good intentions, but gave in too easily to my Chipotle bad habits. I had a big lunch, didn’t track my food beyond that, fast food for dinner, pizza for a snack, and didn’t exercise. I did close the rings on my Apple Watch, but I did not stay anywhere near my calorie goal.

I was an animal and I lost control, as I often do. I get lazy, I fall victim to laziness, and I am easily swayed into bad decisions. I got a bad haircut and It sent me in a spiral all evening, I was super tired by 9 pm so I just cashed in after eating too much. My sleep quality, probably due to having to get up to pee and having WAY too much salt all day, was very poor. The poorest all week.

I brought some squash and ground turkey today for lunch, but already had two small pieces of pizza for breakfast that I keep forgetting to log. I did avoid snacking at work yesterday, I did not make a healthy dinner, I did not walk or run, I did not track my food, and I didn’t really walk at lunch. I’m 1/5 for yesterday. Today will not be much better. Here’s to fresh air and hiking this weekend. Please gods I hope it resets me.

Daily Goals:

  1. Avoid snacking at work (this includes any free breakfast)

  2. Make a healthy dinner

  3. Walk or run outside if weather and time allows

  4. Track my food intake

  5. Walk a little at lunch

Additional Daily Goals:

  1. Close all rings on Apple Watch

  2. Read a chapter

Mental Notes

  • Today has started off poorly already, I woke up grumpy and had a shitty drive into work. Stressful and annoying. Trying to turn it around

  • I’m trying to be positive and thankful and happy about leaving tomorrow, but I’m just not quite there… hopefully by morning.