A Healthier Mike - 10/17/2018

Day 2 - October 17, 2018

I successfully made it though the day well under 2000 calories and didn’t feel deprived. I didn’t quite keep it SUPER low carbohydrate, but it was under 80 grams total. The carbs I did have came from fresh fruit and squash, not sugar or flour.

I did not exercise, nor did I try to exercise. I was lazy and depressed, so I really should have but didn’t. I did make a healthy dinner and enjoyed some dumb TV. I walked in the rain to get the mail and to take the dog out a few times. All food ingested was tracked and accounted for, even the snacks. I closed all of the rings on my Apple Watch yesterday, and intend to do the same today.

Daily Goals:

  1. Avoid snacking at work (this includes any free breakfast)

  2. Make a healthy dinner

  3. Walk or run outside if weather and time allows

  4. Track my food intake

  5. Walk a little at lunch

Additional Daily Goals:

  1. Close all rings on Apple Watch

  2. Read a chapter

Mental Notes

  • I am looking forward to some solo hiking on Saturday. My brain has been a mess, up and down, just needs some wide open space and fresh air.

  • Working on how people affect my mood is work, but paying off.