A Healthier Mike - Week 10



Welcome to the Week 10 recap. It was another bust. So, in light of my choices, I’m reworking my plan. Low carb is a quick way to lose weight, but has never proved to be sustainable for me or anyone near me because we simply give up and go back to our old ways.

Over Week 11, I plan to figure out a plan for me, my health, and my lifestyle. More frequent exercise, a variety of exercises, cooking at home, more vegetables, more fresh food, less sugar, and more fun hopefully.


This week was somewhat better, until the weekend when all hell broke loose. I have not tracked food since Wednesday, had too much food, and drank too much beer. Shocking, I know. HA.

What I do, when being good:

  • Eating between 11 AM and 7 PM most of the time

  • Eating under 2000 calories, but not worrying if it’s over and due to vegetables

  • Lower carbohydrate - not eating unnecessary carbs

  • Allowing a day every now and then for indulgences

  • Walking every day of the week

  • Continuing on with the Couch 2 5K

Long Term Goals:

  • Lose a total of 34 lbs by the time I turn 34 on 12/06/1984

  • Maintain a weight low enough to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, hammock swaying, and cycling

  • Continue with running until I can finally run a 5K in full

  • Create new goals

  • Go a full month with 10,000 steps per day

  • Become fit enough to do an all-day trek with thousands of feet in elevation change

  • To fit in to my puffy vest and other outdoor clothes that don’t really work for chubby folks


Things I’ll track: calories, exercise, weight, happiness level, difficultly level, and other stupid stuff via a spreadsheet.


  • Fresh, uncooked, zucchini in my salads

  • Hazelnuts

  • Cold Brew on draft

  • Supportive people


  • Running again!


It’s another week out of town for me, so I’ll be eating out for most of my big meals and potentially work 10-12 hour days. I’ll use the hotel gym and work to make smarter choices while eating out - it’s going to have to start as simple as that.

Week 11 has started, at this moment, and I’m working on portion control and choosing healthy options. I limited my food intake from the hotel breakfast, I have a packed lunch with fruit, veggies, and tuna. I’m ready to try harder.


Got some work to do, folks.