A Healthier Mike - Week 6

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Some of my main reasons for wanting to drop the weight and get healthier: (I'm going to try to share new ones weekly)

  • I want to feel less heavy
  • Some of the best places of scenery require some hiking and I'd like to be more at ease about getting to them
  • I don't want to spill over my seat on a plane
  • I want to fit into the jeans I have in the closet
  • Earned treats - keeping this because it's motivating

WEEK 6 - AUGUST 13-19

This week was not quite normal, but not as bad as it could have been.  I only logged my food in MFP Monday through Thursday, because most of Friday through Sunday was eating out and less than stellar phone signal.  I have no real idea of how many calories I had while in Utah, but it wasn't low and it wasn't low-carb.  I'm up four pounds, but I don't feel too bad overall - just a little puffy and "full" in the stomach.

I made some smart choices over the weekend... getting a side salad instead of fries, getting cole slaw instead of fries, and not drinking regular soda pop.  I had bread, syrup, and sweets along with beer.  I'm going back to normal this week and we'll see how things level off.

As far as Couch 2 5k went, I didn't get "Week 4, Day 3" done last week, so I'll just have to find a way to incorporate it this week.  We hiked all day Saturday and in the morning on Sunday so it isn't as if I didn't exercise at all.  I want to stay true to the Couch 2 5K training, so we'll try again this week and do four days to get back on track.  My left heal is hurting, and my legs are quite sore from our Sunday morning hike to Delicate Arch, but we'll see at the hotel gym this evening how things go.

  • I'm intermittent fasting - I eat between roughly 11a-7p only
  • I sometimes have bulletproof coffee on my commute in to work (coffee + butter + MCT oil)
  • I'm low carb, usually around 20g net carbs/day
  • I'm low calorie, around 1750-1800
  • I'm no sugar, ain't got time for sugar
  • I avoid artificial sweeteners, mostly - but I've become kind of lazy on this
  • I still enjoy food (EVERY DAMN DAY--see weekly favorites below)
  • I drink a lot of water
  • I am doing Couch 2 5K (C25K app)


Week 6 Calories.PNG



  • Cream cheese
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Breakfast foods
  • MIO lemon lime
  • Side salads
  • Lunch meats


  • Did 67% of Couch 2 5K Week 4
  • Managed to do alright while being on the road all week for work
  • Not feeling terrible about my weekend away eating habits


  • Working on getting back on track - appropriate calories and carbs
  • Back to running, hoping to finish week 4
  • No more "off plan" meals until Michigan in two weeks