A Healthier Mike - Week 5

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Some of my main reasons for wanting to drop the weight and get healthier: (I'm going to try to share new ones weekly)

  • I don't want to lose the progress I've made (keeping this one, very relevant this week)
  • I feel better already
  • I want to be able to use my laptop on an airplane
  • Actually, I want to be able to feel comfortable on an airplane
  • I want to feel like I've earned treats - I mean, most food is good but treats are REALLY good and I think they should be earned.  (Beers after a run or hiking, occasional ice cream, special birthday things, etc)

WEEK 5 - AUGUST 6-12

The week was pretty normal until Thursday... Thursday I went out for a friend's birthday dinner at one of our favorite BBQ places in Fort Worth.  I had the smoked turkey, so good, with a little sauce (not very low-carb, but whatever) and then I had a side of their super delicious potato salad.  I shouldn't have had the whole side, I should have had coleslaw, and I should have just said no to the sorbet afterwards, but I didn't.  These choices were all made with intent, keeping the calories low, but not low enough, and with the mindset that I'll reset and go back to normal the next day.  This was different than the slip up on our way home with fast food from week four, this was intentional and I was in control.  The truth, though, I have no regrets and zero guilt about anything.  The only way I'd feel guilty about it, is if I lied to myself and this blog about what I did - so I'm not going to do that.

I will say, eating the sorbet on Thursday really did make me feel weird.  It was delicious and fresh, but the "hangover" from the sugar is killer.  Friday morning I felt hungover, strung out, and kind of jittery.  On Friday when I felt kind of off it really hit me that excessive sugar really had me feeling that way all the time.  I have a pint of ice cream in the freezer for a special treat in December, when I turn 34, but I'm already reconsidering giving it away to a friend instead.  I won't jump to any conclusions just yet, so I've included a note on the carton to remind me it's a treat for a goal.

I was over on calories a few days this week which is weird, but I was within my macros so I'm not as upset.  I need to work on my bored eating and my "giving in" to doing whatever I want.  I survived, still felt mostly good, so I'll take the notes and apply it to next week. 

  • I'm intermittent fasting - I eat between roughly 11a-7p only
  • I sometimes have bulletproof coffee on my commute in to work (coffee + butter + MCT oil)
  • I'm low carb, usually around 20g net carbs/day
  • I'm low calorie, around 1750-1800
  • I'm no sugar, ain't got time for sugar
  • I avoid artificial sweeteners, mostly - but I've become kind of lazy on this
  • I still enjoy food (EVERY DAMN DAY--see weekly favorites below)
  • I drink a lot of water
  • I am doing Couch 2 5K (C25K app)


Week 5 calories.PNG



  • Jalapeno poppers
  • Making chicken in the instant pot, shredding it, using it for everything
  • Avocados
  • Peanuts
  • Salads with a few blueberries for a change of pace
  • Bulletproof coffee is killin' it
  • Salsa and salsa verde
  • Stuffed peppers
  • MIO drink enhancer - orange/tangerine


  • Did Couch 2 5K Week 3, it's sucking less but still a challenge
  • Not being hungry
  • Avoiding office sweets and people's persuasive techniques
  • I managed to eat some food off-plan and didn't spiral out of control
  • I learned a valuable lesson about that off-plan food and how it works with me


  • Going to adjust my calories again, as I've started to creep up from bored eating
  • Working on exercising MORE (like, maybe voluntarily off the training schedule)
  • New recipes, more inventive cooking

Week 6 will be spent in a hotel then in Utah.  Week 7 will be in a hotel.  Week 8 will be in a hotel.  Week 9 & 10 will be home, Week 11 & 12 will be in a hotel.  I have a lot to overcome in the next few weeks - eating on the go, eating out, and maintaining my exercising.  It's going to be a true challenge, but other than writing blog posts and working all day what else do I have to do?  I have a hotel gym down the hall, a grocery store down the road, and no one to hang out with so I'm hoping that's a recipe for success.