A Healthier Mike - Week 4

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Some of my main reasons for wanting to drop the weight and get healthier: (I'm going to try to share new ones weekly)

  • I'm not stopping because I don't want to lose the progress I've made
  • I want to hike harder
  • That desire to buy a bike is there - even just for paved paths for now and bikes have weight limits. I'm getting close to being at or below that limit.
  • This is definitely a repeat, but I want to be able to buy pants or shorts from a store, in person and not just online, when I need a replacement
  • I want to be an inspiration for people like me - who've tried and succeeded and failed and keep trying.


Avocados made their triumphant return to my diet for this week and I couldn't have felt more full all day.  An avocado at lunch really held me over through dinner, requiring me to eat less.  Overall, the week went by rather quickly and my meals were all pretty tame.  Sunday, August 5 was a bad day for my macros, though, as I caved and ate some Carl's Jr. on our way home from a quick camping trip in New Mexico.  I don't know what I was thinking, but I did keep my total daily calories around my limit so I don't feel too bad.  The biggest thing is to get over it and get back to it, which I did.

On Friday night, my other half and I started a 9.5 hour drive to the mountains in New Mexico to camp and hike.  My eating schedule was a little off over the weekend, but has returned to normal.  Anyone doing a low-carb life knows that fruits are often off-limits, but I did eat some blueberries and blackberries this weekend as well as some red wine.  For Week 5, all eating plans are back to normal.

  • I'm intermittent fasting - I eat between roughly 11a-7p only
  • I sometimes have bulletproof coffee on my commute in to work (coffee + butter + MCT oil)
  • I'm low carb, usually around 20g net carbs/day
  • I'm low calorie, around 1750-1800
  • I'm no sugar, ain't got time for sugar
  • I avoid artificial sweeteners, mostly - but I've become kind of lazy on this
  • I still enjoy food (EVERY DAMN DAY--see weekly favorites below)
  • I drink a lot of water
  • I am doing Couch 2 5K (C25K app)


Week 4 A Healthier Mike.JPG

Below, is the past month.  I like this graph, but it doesn't rule me...just motivates me.

Week 4 Monthly Update Weight.JPG


  • Ham + garden veggie cream cheese rolloups
  • Making chicken in the instant pot, shredding it, using it for everything
  • Avocados
  • Broccoli & zucchini
  • Hazelnuts (dry roasted from Trader Joe's)
  • Bulletproof coffee!
  • Not really eating a traditional dinner - kind of a bunch of little things
  • Chameleon Cold Brew - Pecan Coffee


  • I made it through C25K week 2!  Getting easier to go, at least...
  • I've been less hungry overall, especially in the evenings
  • I hiked at 8200ft and didn't die, though it was hard to breathe!
  • I managed to eat crap food, but didn't spiral out of control because of it
  • I had red wine without regret


Looking ahead to Week 5 and it means the third week of Couch 2 5K (C25K) and continuing the path of eating less, eating smart, and staying low carb for me.  I go to Utah in less than two weeks and I'm ready to hike some red rocks and keep trying to find the balance when I'm there.  Learning from this weekend's "off-plan" eating, I know I can limit myself to appropriate amounts of calories if carbs end up being higher.  This whole project/lifestyle change/whatever is about learning new habits and it's certainly a work in progress.

Sunday's slip from the diet wasn't a derailment and did not cause a spiral.  My other half really helped with that, calling me out on my bullshit of how I used to turn a slip into a spiral.  The fact is, I ate that shitty fast food and I loved the taste but was legitimately not hungry for the rest of the day.  I felt uncomfortably full eating the majority of a day's calories in one meal, and thus didn't need much more.  I listened to what my body was telling me and I slowed down to understand that.  It is easy to see how I used to eat as much in one sitting or one day as I did without thinking.  It is scary to think that part of me still wants to eat that way and that is precisely why I need to keep going - retrain the brain.

Sunday was a learning experience and it came at a good time as I'll be off to Utah in less than two weeks and I'll have to face the off-plan food again.  I'm ready for the challenge.