Life With Mike: The Pets

Chewy, Dealbreaker, and Lord Meatloaf all love attention, annoy us for food, and hog the bed.

Chewy enjoying the snow on our recent trip to Michigan. (December 2017)

Chewy enjoying the snow on our recent trip to Michigan. (December 2017)


This is Chewy.  He is an Australian Shepherd-Rottweiler Mix.  We adopted Chewy in February of 2013 and he was just over a year old.  We are attached at the hip and I don't know what we'd do without him.  He loves treats, walks, the snow, cold weather, and of course any attention he can get.  He dislikes long hikes, swimming, and school buses.  His bark is tougher than he is, which works well for solicitors but not so much for the delivery people.



Dealbreaker was originally my partner's cat from college, but I swear he loves me just as much now.  He is missing most of his tail from a pre-adoption incident as well as part of his ear.  He loves taking your spot on the couch, snuggling in bed, and meowing just because.


Lord Meatloaf

Meatloaf was adopted in the summer of 2013.  His last vet check claims he weighed 24 lbs, but I think he's losing weight.  He loves back scratches and wet food.  He will not move if you accidentally nudge him in bed, and often asks to go outside to enjoy the porch.