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Hey!  You found it.  Welcome.  This is my new website created to celebrate life outdoors and ramble on about anything else.  If you followed me on my "Various Things" or "52 Hikes With Mike" blogs, they will continue to exist as an archive but will not be updated going forward.  My goal with this website is to offer encouragement, inspiration, information, and some entertainment.  My posts, pictures, and opinions are my own and while I do own them, I do not claim to an expert writer, photographer, or opinion creator.  Enjoy!

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I'm proud to announce my participation with Gear Forward, an organization helping to outfit a new generation of environmental stewards with the gear to get outside.  Gear Forward aims to get gear to kids who need it but can't afford to buy it.  Used or excess gear can be donated to Gear Forward but we also hold fundraisers and take direct donations on the website.  For more information, follow these links!

Gear Forward Main Website

Gear Forward Donation Page

About Gear Forward

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